List of Nigerian big boys arrested alongside Hushpuppi (photos)

June 10, 2020 0 By Lantan

List of Nigerian big boys arrested alongside Hushpuppi (photos)


Following the arrest of Nigerian big boy and Instagram sensation, Ray Hushpuppi and his syndicate over an alleged fraud of $35 million dollars, Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has released the list of other Instagram big boys that were also nabbed by the FBI and Interpol in Dubai.


She took to twitter to make a thread of the All-Nigerian team involved in the major scandal that has put Nigeria in bad light globally.

Some of these faces are names most Nigerians idolize and covet their flamboyant lifestyles on social media.

See them below;


PAC – Officialpac02

“Pac” is another Dubai based big boy and in HushPuppi’s close-knit inner circle. He was arrested alongside HP. Flashy luxurious items on IG page. Real name not known. Authorities will release later

Sean – Sean_escaper

Sean the Escaper was also arrested and he’s HushPuppi’s PA. He is described as a right hand man errand boy. They live together at Pallazo Versace in Dubai.

Mr Woodberry

Mr Woodberry was arrested alongside HushPuppi as a member of his hardworking team.

Tony Roma

Finally Tony Roma nickname who is also a Nigerian and also arrested with the rest of the team. All 5 men are being held at an Interpol facility in Dubai city.